ACN Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help end the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets in our community by finding lifelong, stable and loving homes for companion animals in need; by offering assistance to the community’s pets to help ensure their well-being and to keep them in their homes; by advocating for animal welfare; and by educating the public about the contributions companion animals make to happy families and healthy communities.

To Accomplish its Mission, ACN:

– Maintains an extensive foster/adoption network to find responsible, loving homes for rescued pets;
– Operates pet harmony, its innovative pet store dedicated to making second-chance pets everyone’s first choice;
– Provides a comprehensive spay/neuter assistance program to prevent the birth of unwanted animals;
– Offers pet food and dog houses to qualified low-income households;
– Promotes animal-friendly legislation on the local, state and national level; and
– Provides public education programs throughout the area.