Dear Animal Compassion Network “Cat Team” Volunteers:


It may take a village to raise a child but I have seen first hand how
it takes a great organization like yours to place a kitty in a forever
home.  I know to what lengths each of you went to help Frank become one
of your many success stories.  I cannot thank you enough, but I can let
you know that I always shall remember what you did for him and continue
to do for all of the other homeless kitties.

Like so many of the cats and kittens you save, Frank had a very bad
start in life, born hungry and fearful in the wild to abandoned
parents.  As a kitten, he adjusted well to his first home, only to be
returned to me two-and-a-half years later when someone in the family
developed allergies to pets.  You understood how hard this surrender
was for him and made every effort to make his transition to a real
forever home gentle and quick.

Frank (and I) were shown such kindness in his admission and
microchipping appointments. Giving him an opportunity to become
accustomed to PetSmart for a couple of days before the adoption day was
such a good idea.  He settled into his luxurious double condo with
relative ease because of the special attention and loving so many of
you shared with him.  He looked relaxed and spiffy on adoption day and
was much more comfortable with the excitement and handling by new
people because you had worked hard to help him adjust to the new
environment and to new people.

Perhaps best of all, you were very careful and professional about
screening the couple who wanted to adopt him.  Your willingness to
answer questions they may have after the adoption not only made them
feel comfortable but also underscored to them just how important Frank
(and every other kitty) is to ACN.  I believe that you have done
everything possible to ensure a kind, stable home for Frank.  It is
something he has always deserved and I hope has finally found through
the myriad of ways you have helped him in a very short period of time.

Best regards,

Ann Cary Hevener

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