Our Matchmaking Process

A friendly ACN volunteer will help match you with your pet

At Animal Compassion Network, our goal is to match the right cat or dog to the right home the first time out. Our matchmaking process is designed to learn about your lifestyle and expectations for a new pet and compare your answers to the needs and personalities of our specific cats and dogs. Our counselors are well-trained in the fine art of matchmaking.

We are proud of our extremely low adoption return rate, and we attribute this accomplishment to the fact that our animals live in foster homes. Not only do our foster homes work on obedience training and socialization, but adopters are encouraged to meet the people caring for the cat or dog and ask questions directly of them. There is no better way to know if that cat likes children or if that dog is a great traveling companion than to ask the people who are living with and caring for that animal on a daily basis. When you adopt from ACN, you know exactly who you are getting.

An ACN volunteer at work

It is also important to note that every animal in our network is safe for life. That means that they can stay in foster care as long as they need to find the best home for them, but it also means that in the rare case of an adoption return, the cat or dog goes right back into an ACN foster home. Once an animal has found the safety of Animal Compassion Network, they will never know fear or uncertainty again. For the rest of their lives, they will have a place with ACN.

Thank you for looking to adopt a rescued pet. Anyone who has ever had the privilege of living with a rescued animal knows that there is no greater loyalty and devotion than that which is given to you by a rescued pet.

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